Lapsephedi Section Forest Office, Sankhu, Kathmandu organises one day “Community Based Pangolin Conservation Program” on 7th February 2017 at Lapsephedi Section Forest Office, Sankhu. More than fifteen participants from different community forest user groups attended the program.
Mrs. Tulsi Laxmi Suwal, pangolin researcher and conservationist, SMCRF, trained the participants about the ecology, conservation threats and conservation status of pangolins of Nepal and inform the participants about the pangolin conservation activities which SMCRF has been doing since 2008. Mr. Utsab Thapa, Assisstant District Forester, District Forest Office, Kathmandu, informed about the current seniario of wildlife trade including pangolin in Kathmandu. The participants shared their experiences and knowledges on pangolin encounter, threats and habitat. Additionally, they shared the economic loss which they have been facing due to Rhesus macauqe and Wild Boars. Ms. Sabita Gurung and Ms. Sabina Koirala from SMCRF too participated on the program.


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