On 9 April, SMCRF organised an event inviting Mr. Kaustuv Neupane to present his sharing on “Audio Visual as tool for Research”.  Mr. Neupane is academically trained in Zoology and Rural Development from Tribhuwan University and is an Executive member of the organization. Videography is his special interest with dream of becoming wildlife film maker.

The event was organised to enhance skills of the SMCRF team and share ideas and experiences regarding the topic of event among each other. Mr. Neupane talked about the importance of three components 1. Story, 2. Voice and 3. Visual in working with audio-visual as tool for research.  He talked out the importance of story making, footage duration, targeted viewers, thesis-antithesis and rise and fall in the video. He shared the techniques to capture the video and how to present it in effective way with the available resources and basic skills. He also pointed out the tips and techniques to present powerpoint slides in more effective way visually making use of available plugins in the software.



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