On 21 April 2017, Ms Tulshi Laxmi Suwal, President of Small Mammals Conservation and Research Foundation (SMCRF), was invited by Environmental Graduates in Himalaya (EGH) as a guest speaker in their 61st series of Pralad Yonzon Conservation Forum (PYCF). This forum was for the knowledge dissemination from experts to the university graduates to develop their capacity in the field of biodiversity and conservation. The program started with the welcome note and brief introduction of speaker by Ms Binita Pandey, EGH coordinator. During this program, Ms. Suwal presented her “Journey for the conservation of Pangolin”. Pangolins are one of the protected and highly trafficked small mammal of the world. She shared about her experience, conservation activities since 2008 till date and also stressed the scopes of study on pangolins for their long term conservation in Nepal. Ms. Suwal motivated and encouraged the young graduates to conduct further research and conservation on pangolins which can be used by others as well as government of Nepal as a valuable documents. As a closing remarks and a token of love to the guest speaker, Prof. Dr. Khadga Basnet of Central Department of Zoology (Ecology and Environment), TU also mentioned that the study initiated by Suwal on Pangolin brought turning point on the study and conservation of pangolins in Nepal. Prof. Basnet also emphasized for further quality researches on pangolin in Nepal.


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