We Stand for Small Mammals

About Us

Small Mammals Conservation and Research Foundation (SMCRF) is a non-profit making, non-governmental organization based at Kathmandu, Nepal. It is dedicated to the conservation and research of biodiversity in Nepal with particular reference diversity and conservation of small mammals. Apart from conservation and research in biodiversity, SMCRF is also involved in promoting

livelihood on community through conservation, formulating conservation policy, developing multi-stakeholder partnership promoting leadership and promoting future generation of wildlife researcher and conservation biologist. The research on Small Mammals is rare and so the conservation initiative is on the opening stage. SMCRF joins for the goal of development of this sector.

SMCRF is registered at District Administration Office (903/065/066) and Social Welfare Council (29919). With our office located at Kathmandu, we have covered various districts in Tarai, lower Himalaya, upper Himalaya and high Himalayas in Nepal.

Why We Exist?

The earth is experiencing uneven weather phenomena with unprecedented increase in carbon emission and the resulting increase in global temperature.  The average global temperature has increased by about 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 degrees Celsius) over the past 100 years  and is now warming at a rate of more than 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit (0.1 degrees Celsius) every decade. This has led into extreme weather pattern, habitat loss, change in migration pattern of birds and other animals, desertification. The list can go on and on. These extremes are expected to upsurge if immediate measures are not taken.

During past few decades, climate politics has established global warming as one of the dominant issue of discussion. It is more directed towards reducing carbon emission and developing various instruments in achieving the goal of carbon cut. Some other conservation initiatives are also going on in various level sideways. Most of these initiatives are directed towards conservation of more dominant animal species leaving behind some keystone small mammals that are relatively more vulnerable yet ignored. Very recently, small mammal Bramble Cay Melomys became the first ever victim of climate change to go extinct. This represents the tragic situation of small mammals in the global mainstream conservation initiatives. So core of SMCRF’s existence lies in the conservation of the most ignored and vulnerable environment and species in the world. More specifically we exist for the following reason:

  • Continuous study and documentation of the small mammals, their habitat, the most vulnerable environment and related wild species.
  • Conservation of the vulnerable ecosystem and the species.
  • Protection and improvement of livelihood of the communities living in the most vulnerable ecosystem.
  • Research and innovate technologies for sustainable livelihood of the local communities.
  • Policy advocacy and support for conservation of the vulnerable ecosystem and the species.
  • Networking and activism for protection and conservation of the environment.




SMCRF serves as consultancy, advocacy, research and conservation development in the field of small mammals and least studied wildlife in Nepal.